Complete Healing

Close communication between your Therapist and Physician is a tremendous advantage when your health is at stake. At Premier, your doctor is just a step away to discuss your progress as your body heals. In addition, your Physical Therapist will have immediate access to your medical records, x-rays, MRI studies or any other medical information related to your health care.

  • Board Certified & State Licensed Physical Therapists
  • High Levels of Post Graduate Continuing Education Work
  • Individualized Patient Treatment Programs
  • Customized Home Exercise Programs
  • Aquatic Therapy Programs
  • Full Complement of Aerobic and Exercise Equipment
  • In-depth Foot and Lower Limb Evaluations to Create Customized Orthotics
  • Occupational Therapy Focusing on the Recovery of Hand & Upper Extremity Disorders
  • Close Communication With Attending Physician

Hydro Therapy

We offer you that opportunity right here at Premier! Our aquatic therapy pool is the only one of its kind in private practice in Albany, Georgia. Water provides the perfect environment for rehabilitation as it reduces gravity. The warmth of the water maintained at 88 degrees increases blood flow to the affected area and relaxes muscles to speed up the healing process.

For patients in acute or chronic pain, the water makes it possible to handle exercise and fitness programs they cannot perform otherwise. This is because the natural buoyancy of the water supports the body and reduces impact while increasing movement, making it easier for patients to work their muscles and joints.

When you have progressed to a more advanced workout, resistance jets not only allow you to swim in the pool, it allows our therapist to increase the difficulty of your individual program. Patients can tolerate resistive exercises in water much better than on land, and are able to progress to normal outside activities sooner. Aquatic therapy improves endurance with less pain and muscle stress.

Aquatic therapy is beneficial to patients with arthritis of the back, arms and legs, pain syndromes, sports rehab, neck and back injuries, and post-operative rehabilitation. Our goal is to appropriately use the water to accelerate your rehab and return of function with aquatic therapy. Just one more reason to think PREMIER!

Our philosophy?

Premier Orthopedic Physical Therapy distinguishes itself by providing one-on-one care for orthopedic, post surgical, sports injury, work related and neurological conditions. Our 5,000 square foot facility is totally devoted to expediting your return to work and play in an informed, supportive and encouraging environment.

Our philosophy? It’s simple. It’s all about the patient.