Out Patient Joint Replacement

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Out Patient Joint Replacement

About 60-70 percent of operative procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and growing. There are several things that are influencing this trend that make outpatient joint replacement a desirable option. Among the changes are improvements in pain control methods, minimally invasive surgery, improvements in the joint replacement components to the point where they can be custom made for each patient. There are about 8 million joint replacements in a population of roughly 300 million so the need for joint replacements is rising and predicted to continue to rise even more rapidly. Doing these procedures on an outpatient basis is significantly less expensive. Outpatient surgery has a dramatically lower infection rate. Some studies show as much as 20 times lower infection rate. Patient satisfaction rates are much higher.

It is now feasible to do joint replacements and patients can heal in the comfort of their own home. Once the procedure is performed, the implant is actually ready to be used. The main thing healing is the skin and soft tissues. Minimally invasive operative approaches minimize the surgical approach and nerve blocks can eliminate the pain. A component of pain is the fear that it means there is something wrong. Both blocking the pain and educating patients so that they understand and have buy in to the outcome improves results. “Patient engagement is the new drug.” So far there is only one company called Swiftpath that has a pathway for doing outpatient joints. Premier Orthopedics is an exclusive member of Swiftpath and the only member in Georgia.

Swiftpath is an organization made up of experienced surgeons that have been doing outpatient joint replacements. They look at every phase of care and via round table discussions and come up with a consensus as to how to manage outpatient joint replacements. Patients receive a membership card, booklet and ID that allows access to their patient portal on the web. Patients have discussions with their care takers and have access to them while at home and ultimately the data is collected via the cloud in order to continue to update the process. Outcomes are measured and are used to validate the process. At Premier we have performed hips, shoulders and knees successfully. At the time of this writing we have enjoyed a zero percent complication rate. We have not had any infections, hip dislocations or any other problems. The patients have done exceedingly well.

It is now possible to have joints replaced on an outpatient basis and have excellent results. Call Premier Orthopedics to find out how you can recover in the comfort of home.

Dr. Scott McGee